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Smart Digital Lock @ Reddot, also known as SDL @ Reddot supplies various brands of Digital Locks, Laminate Doors, Metal Gates, Bathroom Doors, and more Services to assist you.

SDL @ Reddot is honored to partner with brands like Samsung, Philips, Kaadas and Loghome to provide our customers with the best and affordable security solutions.

Here at Smart Digital Lock @ Reddot, also known as SDL @ Reddot, we supply a wide range of products. We offer various brands of home digital locks in Singapore, a wide selection of doors that includes digital lock for metal gates, bathroom doors, bedroom doors, etc. We also provide a series of services like digital lock installation in Singapore to help make your moving/renovating journey a breeze here in Singapore!

SDL @ Reddot is honoured to partner with various brands such as Samsung, Philips, Kaadas and Loghome to provide our customers with the best and affordable security solutions. We believe that to have peace of mind at home, security is of utmost importance. The convenience of our home digital locks in Singapore can help you achieve so much more while keeping the right ones in and the wrong ones out.

Our products and services

We have partnered with a number of trusted brands such as Samsung, Phillips and Asus to name a few, to provide you with secure and smart digital lock home solutions in Singapore. We have many digital lock promotions. With a plethora of smart digital locks offered here, it is a hassle to narrow down the best digital door lock and metal gate digital lock here in Singapore. Fret not, we have narrowed down the search for you and we only offer the recommended for digital locks installation that offer a hassle-free, convenient and reassuring home entry experience to all our consumers in Singapore. Our HDB digital locks will ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for all.

Check out our best digital lock page for more promotions offered to our customers in Singapore.

Our laminated main doors are stronger, tougher and more durable. They are heat and scratch-resistant, making laminated doors an easy choice for us who do not want to go through the hassle of caring and maintaining for a door made of real wood or veneer.

Laminated doors are also more budget-friendly as they are comparatively easier to produce compared to other products. ​We are also able to cut down on external costs as we have a direct supply line from our very own factory. This enables us to ensure quality control and to provide the best craftsmanship for all our products and on-site installation work.


We also offer a range of services; digital lock installation, painting services for doors and houses, moving services, as well as labour jobs like the dismantling of cabinets or furniture fittings.



Digital Lock Installation

Digital Lock Installation

Repaint Door

Repaint Door

Varnish Or Paint

Mover (Relocation)

Mover (Relocation)

Painting Work

Painting Work



Labour Job

Labour Job

Dismantle Wardrobe Cabinet Fitting Fixture



Kosey Low

Been using Smart Digital lock (Samsung brand) for 5 years. Really reliable and durable .Keep it up😉😉

Image by Behy Studio

Roy Chua

Reliable and trustworthy. Worth every penny. Very satisfied with the job completed. 👍👍👍👍👍 5 likes

Wooden Interior Door

Kelie Chow

Absolutely satisfied n happy with their services !!! Fast n efficient !! Engage them n u wil nvr regret !! 👍🏻👍🏻

Image by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki)

Xiao Bao

Singapore has many digital locks company. But after checking all the companies in my opinion Smart Digital Lock is the best. Not only they have many good models to suit your needs. Their prices are reasonable too. Most importantly is their after sales services. No matter how long u bought your stuffs they are still willing to settle for u asap. Strongly recommended. 5 stars💫💫💫💫💫

Image by Random Sky

Wenhui Seah

They have a lot of nice design to choose. You will definitely happy with their service and product in the end. I m very happy with my digital lock and door. Great service and good quality products. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️




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