Gateman Assa Abloy Digital Lock


Korea's leading digital lock company is Gateman. It is number one for its sales, brand power, Customer satisfaction, and quality index. Gateman offers innovative products and differentiated services for a safe and convenient lifestyle for people around the world.

The Gateman digital lock brand hails from Korea. They are currently Korea’s #1 digital lock brand and they are known for their quality and innovative smart locks.


With everyone on board with the digital lock trend here in Singapore, due to its unparalleled convenience of it, Gateman is one of the trusted and affordable, and value-for-money brands for digital locks in the market today.


Gateman digital lock Singapore provides easy-to-use, user-friendly smart digital locks that deliver both luxury and reliable security to all of their users in Singapore. Their hassle-free security feature has always been Gateman’s highlight feature for their all products. Their innovative products and differentiated products to cater to the different needs of their consumers have led to Gateman being one of the most trusted brands, known for their reliability and timeless designs.


Gateman’s digital locks are of premium build quality and their distinctly sleek design inspirations are a huge hit amongst Singaporeans.


Offering a wide range of different types of Gateman digital locks, you will be able to unlock your doors with a pin code, tag card or simply via a biometric scan. Gateman’s sleek and classy design, together with their top-notch security and state of the art technology, will definitely be an easy pick among Singaporeans.