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Kaadas K9 Digital Door Lock
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Fingerprint / Keyless Door lock by Kaadas

Kaadas Digital lock is the leading digital door locks provider in Australia. Keyless convenience entry systems for smarter homes. Kaadas providing keyless entry systems from biometric fingerprint locks to Bluetooth door locks that give people convenient and easier on their lifestyle.

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KaadasGerman. Hailing from the country down under, Kaadas provides keyless entry systems for smarter homes. Known as Germany’s leading digital fingerprint door locks supplier, they provide a huge range of products and are widely known for their quality and innovative designs.


Kaadas’ fingerprint door lock Singapore offers unparalleled security for homes. They offer a range of different digital locks to cater to all your needs - push/pull, rim lock, deadbolt or handle locks, you name it all, Kaadas has got them.

Keyless or Fingerprint Door Lock in Singapore


Kaadas Keyless door locks bring out the ultimate convenience of security - their one-touch unlock and the auto-lock feature ensures convenience combined with utmost security ensured by dual verification. It’s In-Home Security boasts a double-locking feature that helps to double the security of your home.


With security being the forefront of their brand, Kaadas’ keyless door locks Singapore offer different access methods - Fingerprint, Bluetooth, Key Pad, Swipe Card, and Key to unlock your doors. Their Sweden FPC Fingerprint Sensor adds an additional measure of security for their locks.


Kaadas’ sleek and classy design, together with their top-notch security and state-of-the-art technology, will definitely be an easy pick among Singaporeans looking for a new smart lock in the market.