Kitchen Sliding Door

Been whipping up a storm in the kitchen and realize that the rest of your home has been feeling oily and sticky? Install a sliding door for your kitchen to prevent the rest of your home from getting oily while you cook. This helps to make the whole cleaning process so much easier!


Our kitchen sliding door are able to withstand Singapore’s humid weather well. They are durable and long-lasting. They are also waterproof, heat, and scratch-resistant - making sliding doors an easy choice for the kitchen which can get really grimy and dirty after a satisfying cooking session. Creating the perfect cost-efficient choice when you want to keep your house clean and stylish at the same time.


With the option to slide, fold or swing, also with the option to opt for double doors as well - you can literally open your kitchen doors in every way possible. Our kitchen sliding door are a popular option here in Singapore where homes are small and we require space-saving options to create more possibilities from a limited space, creating complex space solutions for all.


For many of us, Singapore homes are often compact and small. Sliding doors help to create the illusion of more space. They’re space-saving and functional, at the same time the right sliding door could be a statement piece to elevate the style of your homes.


Kitchen Sliding Door in Singapore

Sliding doors can be chic and classy and with our catalog, they can be designed to suit your taste and preference. You can also hide the sliding door behind a false wall to give the illusion of one large space. For those who would like a seamless look between the kitchen and the living room, we offer glass sliding doors to help create the bright and airy open concept that you might be looking for.


With a myriad of materials, designs, finishes, and colors to choose from, our doors enable you to separate and create effective compact space solutions for all homes. Unique designs of our sliding doors can also help to spice up the look of your homes. Our stylish kitchen door can also help to elevate, add character or style to your home’s overall interior design.


We offer budget-friendly kitchen sliding doors for all our customers. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced contracts to quote a price for your sliding doors. We also provide installation for all our kitchen sliding door Singapore.