Fire Rated BTO Main Door & Gate in Singapore

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Here at Smart Digital Lock @ Reddot, we provide both main door and gate solutions in Singapore. With a wide selection of BTO main doors and gates to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. We are able to customize all our products according to your taste and preferences. You will be able to pick the colour, material, design and size for all your door and gate needs.


The first thing you’d be greeted with every time you come home is going to be your door and gate. Picking a suitable door and gate is essential and can help transform your house into a home immediately. Our huge selection of doors and gates in Singapore will help make your selection much easier. With the option to customize, you can easily create a set that will satisfy your taste and preferences.


Our mild steel gate is most commonly used in Singaporean households. They are effective in providing security and protection. With a hundred different designs to choose from, you are also given the option to customise the main door and gate to suit your current home design. Not satisfied with our catalogue and would like to put your creative juices into action? We offer 3D Laser Cut options for your gate as well.


Fire Rated Main Door in Singapore

With more than just a hundred different door designs to choose from, we also provide 3 different types of fire rated main doors for our customers in Singapore for that added security measure. Fire-rated main doors are essential to all homeowners for their safety. Our fire-rated main doors are quality ensured, long-lasting and durable. They are made to withstand the humidity and heat we experience every day in Singapore. Crafted with confidence and care, our mains doors and gates in Singapore are budget-friendly and affordable.


Looking for a main door for your new BTO house or planning to renovate your homes and looking for a new set of mild steel gate and doors? Do not hesitate to reach out to us for a quote as our qualified home contractor will assist you with all your door and gate needs.

1 at reasonable and attractive prices, with different colours, styles and materials to choose from to cater to all your main door needs here in Singapore. Our beautifully crafted doors and gates, personalised by yourself, will seamlessly blend and fit in with the set decor of your home. Integrating quality and style into your homes effortlessly.

We provided various types of main door & gate design for you to choose from.
Main Door - Price starting from $520 / Mild Steel Gate - Price starting from $580
3D Laser Cut - Price starting from $700