Philips Digital Door Lock 

Royal Philips has created a new product called the ‘Philips Easy Key Digital Door Lock.' Phillips describes the lock as a new type of 'Human-centric innovation.' It is a traditional door lock that has been evolved through advanced technologies to create a hassle-free, smart and reassuring home entry experience that all customers need.

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Philips is widely known for its wide range of household products. Philips’ smart digital door locks are no exception. Philips digital door lock brings out the ultimate convenience of security - their one-touch unlock and the auto-lock feature ensures convenience combined with utmost security ensured by dual verification.

With sleek and modern designs, Philips EasyKey Digital Lock offers a range of different digital locks to cater to all your needs - you will be able to unlock your doors with different access methods; Fingerprint, Bluetooth, Key Pad, Swipe Card and Key.

The next-generation security door is the Philips digital lock that allows you to enjoy a smart and secure modern living lifestyle without any hassle. You can easily replace the old lock with the Philips digital door lock. Our products are designed secure our buyer’s safety and security at their homes, offices at an affordable price.

Their EasyKey Digital Lock series is suitable for all door materials Now you can enjoy the convenience of unlocking and auto-locking with EasyKey Digital Lock series. Smart Digital Lock @ Reddot is the ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR SECURITY NEEDS.

With Philips Digital door lock, rest assured as your homes will be protected around the clock. It features an all-around alarm function which not only improves the anti-theft level, it also helps to safeguard you and your family in real-time.