Hafele DL7900 Digital Door Lock

    1. Controlled with both admin and user rights
    2. Password validity time can be set
    3. More security and convenience with Internet-independent operation
    4. Fire alarm sensor: when the indoor temperature exceeds 50°C - 70°C, the lock will open automatically
    5. Lock opening history is shown and updated on the mobile app
    6. Bluetooth keys and passwords can be generated and sent via mobile app
    7. Electric shock resistance
    8. A password can be entered with a random number to prevent stealing
    9. Double locking from outside or inside the house
    10. Automatically locking when unlocked but the door is still in the closing position
    11. Can be flexibly switched between automatic and manual locking modes
    12. Sound alert in case of a strong impact on the lock
    13. Sound alert in case the lock is not completely closed
    14. Automatically disabled for 1 minute after 5 consecutively failed logins with passwords / cards / fingerprints

    **Häfele Access APP

    • Open on smartphone App via Bluetooth
    • Setting easier
    • Checking history