The Most Advanced Smart Lever Doorlock with RFID Card and Password


Simple & Stylish Digital Lock


Harmony with modern home interior design, winner of the coveted iF and Red Dot Design award.

Samsung SHP-DH537

S$650.00 Regular Price
S$585.00Sale Price
    • Available Colors: Grey, Copper
    • Max User Memory: 1 Master (PIN),  RFID Card / PIN (up to 100)
    • Out-body Dimension: 81.8(W) X 320(H) X 66.8(D)mm
    • In-body Dimension: 79(W) X 290(H) X 80.3(D)mm
    • Applicable Door Thickness: 40-80mm
    • Door to Gate Allowance: 70mm
    • Clearance From Door Edge: 120mm
    • Power: DC 6V (AA Alkaline batteries) x 8
    • Battery Life: Approximately 10 months (Average 10 times per day)
  • 4 Different Authentications to Unlock

    • Smartphone App (Optional)
    • Number Pad
    • RFID Card
    • Mechanical Key


    1. Smart Lever Door Lock (Easy & Convenient)
    2. RF Key Tag & Passcode (Your RF Key Tag is the key)
    3. Intuitive LED TouchPad (Orange Backlit TouchPad)
    4. Convenient LED Status Icons (Double Lock, Intrusion Alarm, Low Battery, Away Mode)
    5. Child-Proof Your Lock (Never have to worry about your child wandering away from home)
    6. Vacation Mode (An alarm will trigger if anyone attempts to open the door from the inside)
    7. Intrusion-Alarm (Forced entry or attempted tampering to bypass the lock will set off alarm immediately)