Laminate is a synthetic material used in furniture to reduce its cost. It is heat resistant and also scratch-proof. It is easier to deal with Laminate than real wood or veneer. Laminate Products are easy to control and manufacture, and so are its products. Furniture containing Laminate should be price competitive and a better choice to buy than purchasing wood-based furniture that is harder to care for and isn’t cheap.


Our laminate doors with direct supply from our own factory ensure the best craftsmanship, quality, and on-site installation work. 

With this, we offer the best you can get in town, for price, quality, and service. 


We offering various types of laminate sliding door designs, which have Main Door & Gate, Bedroom Door, Bathroom Door, and Customize Design Door.





Sliding doors are essential for almost every household. They play an important role in Singapore households by saving space while at the same time looking sleek and timeless as ever.


Our laminated sliding doors are durable and long-lasting. It can withstand Singapore’s humidity levels as weather fluctuations do not affect laminates. They are water resistent, heat and scratch-resistant - making laminated sliding doors an easy choice for the ones who do not want to go through the hassle of caring and maintaining for a door made of real wood or veneer.


Our sliding doors come in many different designs, materials and colours. The ability to customise and play around with our designs freely gives you the flexibility to create doors that will instantly fit and blend in with the design of your home. The limitless possibilities to craft how you want your sliding doors to look like are endless.


Sliding doors enable you to separate and create effective compact space solutions for all homes. Save up a ton of space when you install a sliding door for your kitchen, bathroom and even your walk-in wardrobe! Browse through our catalogue of sliding doors to pick a suitable one for your homes!


Laminated sliding doors prevent warping and bending and are also more economical compared to solid doors. They are also cost-effective and here at Smart Digital Lock @ Reddot we provide budget-friendly yet high-quality sliding doors for all.