• Double Authentication

  • Double-Locking

  • 9V Battery Backup

  • Low Battery Alert

  • Easy Installation

  • Auto Polling

  • Touch Pad Random Security

  • Automatic Locking

  • User-friendly Access

  • One step to open

  • Anti-Theft Mode

  • Volume Control

Samsung Digital Door Lock in Singapore

Samsung digital door lock comes with high safety features with a modern design to coverage in HDB, Condo, Apartments, and Landed House.

With a wide selection of digital door locks, get the best security at an affordable price for both your home and office.


Samsung is one of Singapore’s most well-known household brands for ages. Being one of the most trusted brands, Samsung digital door locks are very popular in Singapore as well.


With Samsung’s Smart Open, unlock your doors with different access methods; Fingerprint, Bluetooth, Key Pad, Swipe Card and Key. The safety of your family members is always within the palm of your hands as you will be able to receive push notifications whenever any of your family members return home.

Samsung Auto Locking Digital Door Lock

Never forget about locking your doors as Samsung’s auto-locking feature helps to keep your home and family safe at all times. To keep the precious ones safe, Samsung’s touchpad randomizer helps to prevent would-be thieves from analyzing your fingerprints on the locks to decode your key code.


Samsung digital door lock Singapore added fire warning security feature is activated when it detects an abnormally high temperature from the inside your house. An alarm will be sounded, helping you recognize the risk of fire and will auto-unlock to help evacuation so much easier.

With a diverse and wide variety of digital locks to choose from, Samsung offers smart digital locks in Singapore at almost every price point. With various colours and designs to choose from, our Samsung catalogue is one to check out if you’re looking for a digital smart lock option.